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Stop making my junk food sexy! - Keynote speakers

Stop making my junk food sexy!

Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 in Will Says | Comments Off on Stop making my junk food sexy!

Stop making my junk food sexy!

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream… ahhh! Here we go.

Boy oh Boy, I kinda feel like I am being dragged around by my wallet now ah days, lets call it the “Carrot on the stick disease”. I was traveling, went into a store to get gas, at a regular quick stop and bam, it hit me. Stores are now are set up like porn shops, NOT that I have been in one, but they are set up to tease you. You can’t just buy a drink nowadays. Nope, now It’s gonna be a Sugar-free, Stevia, Free Range, Grass Fed drink. We don’t even call a large a large anymore; Now it’s a Venti, or Super Doober size, which is cheaper than a small, if you buy “The deal Meal”.
I just saw a bag of tortilla chips and they were in the shape of, I don’t know what, a superhero? And most of this funky colored stuff is not real food anyway, please stop making our food sexy.

You that saying, All that and a bag of chips, Well, I JUST WANT THE CHIPS!

Now folks, if you want to save money at a supermarket, go around the store the opposite way of your domain hand. So, if your right handed, go left. It has been proven that if you can’t reach it easily, you won’t buy it, lefties, good luck

Oh, and chip makers, if you really want to watch your chips jump off the shelf, shape them like a smartphone or better yet, a handgun.

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