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Having too much clutter, from piled to filed. Organizing my garage - Keynote speakers

Having too much clutter, from piled to filed. Organizing my garage

Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Will Says | Comments Off on Having too much clutter, from piled to filed. Organizing my garage

CLUTTER: Having too much

A key component of Simple Sense is identifying and eliminating the CLUTTER that builds up around us.  Clutter is quite plainly too much stuff.  It is too much going on. It is too much said.  All this stuff may be fun, but it gets in the way of what is important at the time and our overall goals and aspirations.


Clutter gives the gifts of stress and defeat.  By eliminating it, you won’t feel the stress of not finishing what you want to do.  You won’t feel the congested pressure of having too much around you.


This week I was reminded that CLUTTER is HAVING TOO MUCH STUFF when I needed to fix a ceiling storage rack that fell in my garage.  Not only did clutter cause the initial problem (too much stuff weighing down on the rack), but then it caused me to not readily be able to fix it (Where did I put my drill again?).

The clutter of everyday life has finally caught up with me, or I say crashed down on me. All this time I’ve been talking to folks about how to simplify your life, and how to get rid of the clutter (what we have, what we do and what we say that is not important), and I forgot about my own garage.


Now I know that a messy garage is not too surprising to you guys out there. Some guys have a purpose for their garage, like car restoration, wood making, or just as a place to kick back. Mainly because wives won’t allow those odd things you’ve been saving in the house, you know, the items that even back when you got them they were out-dated or just plain and simply ugly.


Anyhow, there is another use for the garage.  Many people, myself included, use the garage to store things, or should I say PILE things. So after the shelves came ripping out of the ceiling, I figure that the best time to tackle or be tackled by my garage is now.


Fortunately, amongst the ensuing mess and frustration I saw an opportunity.  I can take the Simple Sense principles of Less is More Success that I have applied to technology and my work, and instead use it to fix the black hole of decades past that is my garage.

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