Simple Sense

Why Simple Sense? 

Because common sense isn’t common any more!

Will Roberts is one of the first Zoom Virtual keynote speakers.

For 38 years Will Roberts has been a professional actor, and film & TV content creator. So, when Covid-19 hit Will was more prepared than most. Coming from a production and tech background, and with a full studio to broadcast from, Virtual Keynotes speakers was born.

All Will Roberts fun, excitement and strong message can now be enjoy in your Zoom meetings, and virtual conferences


Will Roberts pairs folksy humor and trick roping artistry with Simple Sense tools that skyrocketed him to success in Cirque du Soleil. By applying Less is More Success™ principles, audiences learn that focusing on less at one time, a challenge in a socially networked world, increases productivity and work success.

Too often the common approach to technology does not maximize potential.  As a social media consultant, Will applies Simple Sense to generate amazing results.  Learn tools to reduce clutter, change perspectives, create innovation, and effect immediate change.

Will Roberts will customize his performance to include your group’s themes and needs.

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