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Trash Talk: Cut the Clutter to Save You Time - Keynote speakers

Trash Talk: Cut the Clutter to Save You Time

Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Will Says | Comments Off on Trash Talk: Cut the Clutter to Save You Time

Trash Talk: Cut the Clutter to Save You Time

Another way that we bring clutter to our lives, pushing away or downgrading those things that we believe to be truly important, is to SAY too much.  This is a subtle form of clutter, of course depending on the person talking, it could be down right overwhelming. One that we may not consider at first, but it is powerful in terms of how we define and portray ourselves to others.


Speech becomes clutter when it does not add value to what we feel to be important.  It distracts from our priorities.  I often see words become clutter in two different ways.  The first is somewhat obvious, gossip.


When partaking in office politics and hearsay, people often become emotionally involved, casting “characters” as the villain or the victim.  We create a story, we delve into the offenses, and craft various endings.  In the end, this story-making may cause us to dislike or perpetuate negative consequences toward certain people when it is not in our benefit, and overall it becomes a huge waste of time since the truth is rarely found in the tale crafted in whispers and texts.  With the addition of social media, stories spread faster and more people become involved, making this an even greater time and energy drain. If you need an example of this in its finest form, watch many of our politicians and the media in their never-ending loop of noise that truly add no value.


Speaking too much and too fast is another way to add clutter.  By this I mean speaking without listening to the other person nor allowing a beat to pass before adding your two cents.  As a professional speaker, you quickly learn to listen.  Everyone becomes a potential client, and you want to make sure you understand that person’s needs before you force a message that may be inappropriate.


For the best example of this type clutter listen to talk radio. I’ll let you find the station in your area that best personifies this — I am sure you will have no problem finding one. I have often said we no longer have talk radio, its more like TALK AT YOU radio.


Understanding this form of clutter, I like to sit in the back of the room at Cirque du Soleil cast meetings, to take everything in before I respond.  I have seen people react too quickly, particularly to change, without carefully considering a response.  The result is that a person loses control.  That person has the opportunity to proactively address change, but loses the chance when words get in the way of what is truly important.  I force myself to take a beat.  There is something to be said about the saying, “Sleep on it.”  Time and good listening skills truly bring prospective and help to maintain priorities.


We have all heard that the “pen is mightier than the sword,” words are truly powerful.  They have the ability to add value and importance to our lives, but they can also create serious clutter that distracts us from leading a truly successful and meaningful life.

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