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Will Says - Keynote speakers - Part 2

Will Says

Will Roberts

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“Will Says” began as a syndicated humor column and cartoon commentary that has evolved to include Will’s observations on human nature and success in both in a cartoon called “The Daily Scream” and a 1:30 audio syndicated around the world..  This section is a compilation of everything “The Witt of Will”, as he takes to the road and discovers the Simple Sense that makes America great.

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Simplify your life means you have to start simple and commit.

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Will Says | Comments Off on Simplify your life means you have to start simple and commit.

Simplify your life means you have to start simple and commit.


Before undertaking any program or plan of action you have to START.  When it came to simplifying my life I had to actually tell myself that I was going to START TO SIMPLIFY.  And, I had to SAY IT.  I had to say, “I am going to simplify my life.” I could write it down, I could say in my mind, however, both of those I could lose.  The solution, say it out loud, so you are both saying and hearing it being said.


Why out loud? I am making a commitment. I am making a verbal promise to myself, bringing the power of voice to potential action.


I promised myself that I am going to find a way to reduce my stress, be more productive, be more successful, and enjoy life.


I promised myself that I was going to find time to do everything I really needed to do AND find time to enjoy my lovely wife and amazing, super-intelligent, spectacular, beautiful little daughter.


This is the first step to Simple Sense, to actually START.  Making a commitment may seem easy, but too often we say we are going to do something, but put it off.  We have just too many items on our to-do list today, we are just too tired, or we throw some other roadblock in the way to prevent ourselves from making that verbal promise.


The thing is that you don’t just commit to start one-time and that is good for every situation where Simple Sense can be applied.  Nope, it just doesn’t work that way.  I really feel that it is context specific.  We need to make a commitment to one area of our lives at a time, tackle it piece-by-piece.  This makes it more manageable, and we get to experience the benefits faster.  Small successes line the path to monumental accomplishments.


Plus, this approach falls in line with my belief in single-tasking, and not multi-tasking.  We need to do one thing at a time, do it really well, and then we are ready to move on to the next accomplishment on our list.


For me, I started to simplify my gadgets and my use of technology.  I knew I was being USED BY my technology and no longer a USER.  You know that technology is controlling you when it invades every aspect of your life and every relationship.  Texting while at dinner with my family and seeing another family at a table across from us all using some iPhone or iPad was my wake up call.  “Walk away from the device, Sir!”  And, I did.  But first, I had to say, “I am going to simplify my technology.”


Here’s a quiz: raise your hand if you have more than 5 apps on your phone. Now raise your hand if you have more than 10 apps, 20 apps and that’s counting the ones you have, took off your phone, but still live on your iTunes.  Top that off with the fact that I had 3 apps for every task. 3 calendar programs, 3 map apps, 3 versions of Texas hold’em. Each promises that it is better the other. Each telling me that they can help me succeed. None of which I used because I couldn’t find them on my phone.


Our world doesn’t always make this easy, but taking the first step, making a verbal promise, raises your awareness and directs you to a path of success, less stress, and greater fulfillment.


Motivational Speaker Heads to Oklahoma to Talk to OkCareerTech Teachers about Simple Sense

Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Will Says | Comments Off on Motivational Speaker Heads to Oklahoma to Talk to OkCareerTech Teachers about Simple Sense

Motivational Speaker Heads to Oklahoma to Talk to OkCareerTech Teachers about Simple Sense
Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts  

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts

Well this week I visited the home state of my hero Will Rogers, Oklahoma. I was there doing a little speaking to folks about my take on common sense. You know that thing that everyone used to have but now only our grandmas and grandpas have.  And because common sense isn’t so common anymore, I’ve decided to repackage it and make it applicable to our modern Internet-driven age as Simple Sense. It’s pretty bad when you have to simplify something that is based on common sense.


Anyhow, the folks at OkCareerTech and the teachers of Oklahoma got a dose of my Simple Sense, which has the power, if applied, to relieve-stress, increase-success, and improve-productivity, and without any of the nasty side effects.


Now as students everywhere would be thrilled to hear, even teachers need a little schooling sometimes. These Oklahoma folks are spending the week talking about and getting tips on how to educate the Generation NEXT (you know, those who have never heard of a phone that plugs into a wall).  For this generation, short of twitter feeding them and serving up 5 hour energy drinks to keep them awake, you might have to pull a big stunt where you jump off of something and hurt yourself, jackass-style.


Outside the classroom, I noticed that things have changed with entertainment as well.  Every night that I look out into the house of the theater I work in, I see 2000 people sitting comfortably in their seats watching a show, but there are more than a handful, of all ages, that are texting, facebooking, taking pictures and sometimes I even see folks talking on their phones.  And this is all happening in a seat that costs $150.  My only guess is that someone else must have bought that seat for them!


When in Oklahoma, I said, “If a cat can lick its hind legs and get 3 million hits in the first 3 minutes, then the way we entertain and educate has to change.”  The good thing is that after my little talk with the Oklahoma teachers they got it, then again Oklahoma is home of the pioneer.


“In this modern day and age America`s newest slogan is: Mom, apple pie and high-speed Internet. They say you can live two weeks without food, a day or so without water but take someone`s smart phone away, and that person won`t last five minutes.”

– Will Roberts 

Clear the Clutter, Free Your Mind with Simple Sense

Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Will Says | Comments Off on Clear the Clutter, Free Your Mind with Simple Sense

Clear the Clutter, Free Your Mind with Simple Sense

I used to be proud of myself when I’d be sitting at my desk with two laptops going, two phones ringing and the news playing in the background. Until my wife asked me one day, “What did you do today?”  I proudly brought out my list scribbled on a napkin, and another list on one of my many notepads (cause you can never have enough lists).  I looked them over and realized . . . NOTHING!  At that moment I surrendered to the fact that multi-tasking just plain doesn’t work.


Even though we have been told by research and the media for over a decade that multi-tasking is actually task-switching and that it is actually a major time-waster, it is still our default response to handling all the things that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  We try to do everything at once, even though it can be as nonsensical as me trying to text while spinning my rope.


Another way we try to get all these things done is to buy the latest technologies that are sold with the promise that our lives will be easier and time will be saved.  Some people even choose to wait in line for days for these gizmos.  Now, I have every gadget that starts with a lowercase “i”, and apps, boy, have I got apps.


Apple recently announced that its iPhone OS 4 comes with Multi-task support, so we can run lots of apps simultaneously, and that’s while having up to 2000 apps stored on their to boot.   It should be remembered that our iPhones are just computers, they actually can multi-task.  We, however, are not computers, and we cannot multi-task.


It is critical to understand that  in our success-oriented world, it is not technology that brings success.  It is using technology wisely, focusing on what is important and making Simple Sense that brings success.


There is a great deal of stress that comes with feeling that you have not finished everything you want to do and there is a lot of congested pressure when you have too much around you. We feel like we just don’t have the time to do everything that needs to be done.


The simple answer is that we DO have time to everything we need to do, time to do everything that is IMPORTANT.  Simple Sense helps us to cut out those things, habits, and words that are unimportant.  It is somethings that we are missing  in our work and everyday lives.


Once we are committed to Simple Sense, we need to identify what we have, do, and say.  We need to recognize what things, actions, and words are supporting our success and what are just plain getting in the way.  Awareness is a huge step since we do so much an auto-pilot or reactively, instead of being pro-actively, being a head of the change.  By determining what is truly important and needed, we can start to recognize what is Clutter.  I dare you folks to look through your laptop bags, your purse, wallet, your car, and tell me if you found anything, extra… Clutter!


What is CLUTTER you say?

  • Clutter is HAVING too much.  It is anything that is not adding value, it is not important.
  • Clutter is DOING too much. It is doing things that are not adding value, that interrupt or distract from what is important.
  • Clutter is SAYING too much.  It is saying words that are not adding value, that interfere with the main message.


When a cowboy hits the trail on a long trip the trail bag is packed as lightly as possible, only the bare essentials. There is no room for clutter.  If I want to simplify my life, I have to decide what is important to bring and what is not.


Now don’t think I am a pro at this Simple Sense stuff. As a matter of fact I’m still learning. However since I started simplifying my life and talking to folks about it I have started doing something I have never done before… Organize!  Guys, if you want a way to a woman’s heart, take her to an organizational store.  Call it a date, call it an accident, but trust me it’s a good call.


I have to tell you folks, I have never seen so many ways to simplify your life in my life. That store even had a way you could store your child’s teeth when they came out, and I thought that was the tooth fairy’s job. Now although I am not saying that you need to organize and simplify your life to win your mate’s affections. I will say lesser things have been done in the name of love.  Simple Sense might just be the way to world peace, or at least just peace of mind.

Multi-tasking is as Real as a Cowboy with a Manicure

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Will Says | Comments Off on Multi-tasking is as Real as a Cowboy with a Manicure

Multi-tasking is as Real as a Cowboy with a Manicure
Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts  

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts

Multi-tasking is a myth, it doesn’t exist, like a cowboy with a manicure.  The research supporting this reality has been in the media for over a decade, yet we still believe that we can do several tasks at once, that we NEED to do several tasks at once in order to perform and succeed.  What does this look like?  While talking on the phone, ten new emails arrive in your inbox, one of which is a Facebook friend request.  You begin to open and read these emails while still on the phone.  When tackling two major projects that your boss assigned, your co-worker interrupts you to ask advice and you get a new text message from a friend.  And all this time, you are wondering what you will serve your family for dinner and when you will ever have time to exercise, make that dentist appointment, or get your car serviced.


You are moving through your day, things are getting done, but are you performing at your greatest potential? No.  This is again where we need to apply Simple Sense because Less is More Success.  Single-tasking not only enables you to get more done, but the quality vastly improves.


Our brains are wired so that we cannot perform multiple tasks or mentally hold divergent concepts at the same time. Even the simplest of actions can only occur one at a time because our brains are not computers, but rather linear processors.  The end result is that multi-tasking is truly task-switching.  We do not perform two tasks simultaneously, instead our brains must stop one task before starting the next.  That means if we are trying to work on two projects at the same time, then we are ultimately wasting time because the brain must continuously switch gears when changing between the tasks.  There is a down time as the brain switches tasks and has to adjust, yeah it is mili-seconds, but in the long run, working on multiple tasks wastes more time.  It is less efficient.


Single-tasking enables you to focus and delve deeper into the task.  You are able to make new connections and apply creativity to the process.  Doing less lends to more quality.  You are no longer skimming the surface, but rather jumping into the water, which enables you to fully see the issue, become an expert, and in so doing increase your value.


Now, we have our tasks to do, our own to-do list, and we also have more items continuously be adding to this list throughout the day, new demands being delivered via facebook, twitter, email, phone, text, and face-to-face.  Studies have shown that instead of making to-do lists, you should schedule your tasks.  How do we do less and perform more?  Schedule your tasks in blocks, focusing on the most important tasks before all else (mentally prioritizing prior to action improves performance).  By getting the biggies out of the way, you will have the space and attention to deal with the items that others want to add to your to-do list over the course of the day.  And by organizing your day into scheduled task blocks and then working within this framework, you can train yourself to turn-off and tune-out distractions.  Turn off the phone and close your email box while focusing on the task at hand. If a fire presents itself (e.g., your boss requires you at a sudden meeting), then of course put it out, but otherwise quickly jot down the interrupting task and get to it later.


I like to work for 50 minutes out of the hour.  By setting an alarm to sound after this time, I can then spend 10 minutes evaluating my progress, determining what task should be tackled next, or engaging in some other distraction.


Focusing on less at one time enables us to produce greater quality results more efficiently.  Plus, the added bonus to single-tasking is that it provides some sanity, some direction, some simplicity in an otherwise complex, fast-paced, and demanding world.  Less is More Success.

Motivational Speaker Heads to National Speakers Association Conference in Search of Common Sense!

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Motivational Speaker Heads to National Speakers Association Conference in Search of Common Sense!
Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts  

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts

Right now I am sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight to Indiana and the 2012 NSA Conference.  Of course, that is the National Speakers Association – they actually have an association for us people who simply just talk too much. Now if I listen to my friends and family, I may just walk away with the award for that one. But if they classify it by who uses the most words, or who speaks the fastest, then I am afraid I would lose.  If they had a category for who makes the least sense, or speaks incorrectly, then I’d have it hands down.

I expect I will meet a lot of great people.  Most likely I will know a few of them as well.  Along with speaking too much, I pride myself on listening to people who talk too much.  By the way, speakers are set up to give you little tidbits you can take away and use when you need them . . . and I just gave you one right there.  Listening is the key to a good conversation, and to have a good relationship as well.  There is your tip, I’ll send you my bill.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of speakers across the US and abroad.  But really, only a handful of topics; you know, like productivity, sales, marketing, teamwork.   These are topics folks in business hear about all the time. Companies spends millions of dollars every year to get us speakers to come in and remind workers that you could communicate a little clearer, sell a little more, and manage your time a little better. The message doesn’t really change, but it’s the speaker’s job to make you believe that you are hearing it for the first time.

Our world is filled with folks who voice their opinions in radio, TV, newspapers, blogs, and in the comment section below Internet articles.  There is never a shortage of folks who will stand up for hours spouting out their opinions, most of you don’t even need to pay, matter of fact, they might pay you for the chance to speak. Our country right now is faced with politicians that have a lot to say. Most of which makes little sense and changes like the wind. Maybe we should make it mandatory that if you speak to a crowd you have to promise to abide by a few rules (at least here in the USA): speak all truth and no hate and leave the crowd with something they can take away to actually use.

Remember the old saying: if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say it at all?  If we stuck politicians to that, boy, political speeches might look like a game of Charades.

I have always said that all you need to do when speaking in a crowd is to get one person to agree with you and you go from being a person with an opinion to a people with a passion. That’s what happens when you speak out loud, just try it. Just make sure you follow the rules.


Master of Your Email, Controller of Your Destiny

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Master of Your Email, Controller of Your Destiny

You start the day with a full email box and end it with just as many.  Everyone is making demands for action and most want it . . . yesterday.  We become walking to-do lists that are just responding and reacting to incoming mail, slaves to the machine.  Advances like email have made communication immediate and convenient, but it has also created more clutter in our lives due to the loss of the Simple Sense perspective.  There is more work and technology makes things move faster, but we end up getting less done.  Information overload.  Reboot.


We have allowed technology to use us rather than becoming the master of the machine and using it to our ends.  This is a basic loss of control, which can lead to overwhelming exhaustion and loss of productivity.  There is no time to capitalize on possibilities.  There is a loss of time, decrease in productivity, and failing to realize the individual potential that gets shifted to the bottom of that to-do list.


We need to shift our perspective, so that we may again be the master, capitalizing on the benefits of technology to realize our full potential in work and our personal lives.  How do we do this?  The answer is Simple Sense.  It is time to simplify.  Focus, prioritize, cut distractions and work on one task at a time.  Less is More Success!


If you are not waiting for an immediate response, then limit the amount of times you check your email.  The number will be unique to you and your job, but do not check it mindlessly.  Too often we just click that “Get Mail” button for no definitive purpose and just create more clutter. Stop!


In general delete everything that is unneeded first, and get off those email lists that are just pictures of baby animals and silly quotes. Then, delegate all that you can possibly pass on to others.  You may even want to limit the number of emails you respond to each time you check your mailbox as well.  Let’s say you choose to do 5, then make them count.  Prioritize what is most important and respond immediately.  Do not check your inbox if you have not set aside some time to respond to your chosen emails.  It is too easy to procrastinate, which leads to an overflowing box and stress level.  Delete the email once you have completed your task and either no further action is needed or the ball is in the other person’s court.


Delete, delegate, and respond, that should be your immediate course of action when checking your email.  Then, limit your responses.  I like to say everything in 3-5 sentences.  My words count when I write this way, and I have to make sure that my directions and explanations are crystal clear.  That goes for jokes too!  There is no room for “fluff,” which is just another word for a time-waster and words that can just lead to miscommunication.  Keep it short and always sweet.


Finally, don’t think you can multi-task!  It’s a myth!  Do one thing at a time.  Don’t have multiple email windows open and check your incoming mail at the same time.  The time and mental energy that it takes to continuously shift gears from one window to the next, one topic to the other, is just a waste – a total brain drain.  Focus on one response to the exclusion of all else.


If a fire lands on your lap, then put it out, but otherwise new items can wait.  We have been trained to think everything is on fire and get overloaded quickly.  By shifting our perspective and focusing on LESS at on time, we can accomplish MORE, salvage our time, and have the ability to access our potential thanks to this time saved and space created when we truly focus and single-task.  LESS IS MORE SUCCESS!


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